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Information about insurance

In this calculator you can create a comparison of foreigners' health insurance offers. Any order is not binding until payment, until then you can interrupt the calculation or cancel the order at any time.

When paying online by credit/debit card, the insurance is arranged immediately. You will immediately receive an insurance contract by e-mail.

With us, the negotiation is really 100% online. Fill in the details, pay, receive documents by e-mail and you're done. We will not bother you over the phone or fill out a contract with you manually, no signing of paper documents, no going to a branch.

Insurance products are offered by, a.s. under a CNB license (Czech National Bank).

Foreigners' health insurance

The insurance is designed for foreign nationals who are permanently residing in the Czech Republic.

Whether the reason for the stay is study, work or family reunification, in order to obtain or extend a visa it is necessary to have foreigners' health insurance arranged to a defined extent pursuant to Act No. 326/1999 on the Residence of Foreigners.

The subject of the insurance is the costs related to the insured's stay in the Czech Republic, incurred as a result of medical treatment. The insurance also applies to departures from the Czech Republic to other Schengen countries.

We offer either basic insurance containing only necessary and urgent health care (for stays of max. 90 days), or comprehensive health insurance to the extent almost identical to public health insurance in the Czech Republic (necessary for longer stays or extension of the visa).

We offer this insurance for all ages - newborns, children, adults and seniors. We also have discounts for students.

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